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Time Is Short… As there is no proven treatment or cure for this cruel childhood disease!

From the age of five, it was apparent that the Marella’s daughter Dana, a happy, caring and energetic child, had visual and learning difficulties. After years of searching for answers to her challenges, Dana was diagnosed in 2002 at the age of eight with Niemann-Pick type C disease. In 2004, at the age of 5, Dana’s brother Andrew, the Marella’s 4th child, was also diagnosed with NPC. Dana’s visual and cognitive abilities, and her balance become progressively worse. On July 12th, 2013 Dana died from complications resulting from Niemann-Pick type C disease. Read A Tribute To Dana.

Niemann-Pick Type C disease (NPC) is a genetic metabolic disorder in which harmful quantities of cholesterol and other fatty substances accumulate in the cells of the body such as the spleen, liver, lungs, bone marrow and, most dramatically, the brain.


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